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Ancient Wicks Witches Coven has been around for centuries and offers a custom experience for every individual.

Introducing the Ancient Wicks Witches Coven

The Ancient Wicks Witches Coven has been around since the mid fifteenth century. We are composed of four coven members, all related, though from 4 distinct, bloodlines. We have maintained our family bond throughout the generations, and we have maintained our family’s individual commitments to the coven. This bond makes us a very strong energy source within the Universe. We have been practicing on our same family land for generations as well, giving our casting grounds a well-worked advantage in the sense that we have maintained good resource development and Universe markings. This means we have our land worked to better suit spell casting and offer you a more premium service. Much of our circle’s composition, and the necessary resources and groundwork required in the land, is already constructed and in place.

As of 2020, our generation is getting rather older, and we are still in the training stages with our daughters. This is a great time for our coven to cast for you! This is because our daughters are able to offer the assistant-based services required of professional, graduated spell casters and high priestesses; and it is also because our generation has reached our peak capacity in terms of experience and skill. We are able to offer you the most powerful spell casting and spiritual services available, and with the added ability to be able to focus without grunt-work distraction. Pity our poor daughters though! (just kidding)

We have helped over two thousand people, located all around the world. And we would be honored to reach out with a warm hand to offer you the help you need; However, first we would like you to know a little bit more about our coven and what makes us so qualified to help you!

What Makes Our Coven Unique?

Ancient Wicks Witches Coven is one of the only “true” generational covens in the world. A generational coven, by traditional definition is a group of spell casters which have formed from 2 or more family blood lines, and maintained their coven composition for more than 2 generations. For example, our coven is comprised of 4 members, each from a different initial blood line (although we are all family at this point, by many centuries), and each of our mothers were in the coven before us, and each of their mothers as well before them. This is the minimum requirement for a coven to be considered a true generational coven. Our family can trace back our generational commitment centuries, giving us a significant casting advantage over the competition. Literally, the Universe has maintained connectivity with our coven throughout generations of our family, and it pays more attention to our coven’s castings.

Our family insists on using the highest quality ingredients, importing herbs and oils which we cannot grow or craft ourselves, straight from the appropriate sources. We are thorough in our castings, and we always keep our clients updated on their spell progress. We treat every case we take as though it were for our very own family, and we never take a case without examining the situation and fully getting to know your story.

Our Coven Specialties

All of our ingredients and spellwork are custom-fit and dressed for each spell and situation.

Some of our greatest specialties include love spell work of any kind, as we all have extensive experience in terms of love and romance magick. Thus, our coven has developed an unprecedented skill for crafting powerful, custom-fit love spells. Still, we do have a full family of practicing witches who have contributed a diverse variety of skills for nearly any situation. Our four primary coven members are widely trained and practiced, and each hold different focal specialties. This gives us the ability to assist with nearly anything.

For a full list of our services, please check out our spell and psychic menu.

What Type of Magick Do We Cast?

Being a generational coven, we have a lot of centuries worth of experience. Throughout the generations, various witches in our family have picked up and adopted certain styles of spell casting and spiritual practice. Some spiritual practices are fully incorporated into our routines, as they are extremely effective. Other practices are only partially used, as far as they are effective in what we require. Our modern techniques are thus a comprehensive collection of such a strong variety of spell casting styles and magick types. Some of the different types of magick we use in our castings include:

  • Traditional White Magick (Wicca, Pagan, and Celtic Styles)
  • Crystal Casting
  • Reiki and Energy Healing Techniques
  • Astrology and Astronomical Casting Techniques (and Celestial Magick)
  • Candle Magick
  • Rune Magick
  • Druid Magick (and Earth Magick)
  • Voodou (All Types, When Appropriate – White and Gray Colored Only)
  • Extensive Herbology and Alchemy (Potions, Salves, and General Herb Work)
  • Incense, Oils, and Cauldron Work
  • & So Much More

Our family takes great pride in offering free consultations for all situations. Please reach out and tell us your story so we can see exactly how we can help you!

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