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Are Money Spells Real?

Wiccan Wealth and Money Spells That Work What Are Money Spells? Money spells are spiritual rituals or exercises which draw a money-attracting energy to a person, aura, business, or institution of some kind.  Nearly as far back as mankind has conceived money, there has been focus on the energy needed to obtain it.  Money spells […]

List of Crystals and Their Use in Magick

Comprehensive Crystal List: Physical Appearance, Magickal Properties, and Spiritual Uses Using Crystals in Magick or Spiritual Healing Crystal magick and crystal healing have been around for thousands of years. Some techniques are far stronger than others, and some will provide faster results.  There are crystals of all types of power and ability, although, it could […]

How are Crystals Used in Magick and Healing?

What is Crystal Magick (or Crystal Healing)? A Brief History of Crystals and Their Use in Spiritual Practices The beauty of the crystal and their many different formations and colors have fascinated people throughout all of history.  Crystals have a strong holding in many older cultures including Ancient China, Egypt, Greece, India, Japan, and Rome. […]

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