Ancient Wicks Witches Coven Reviews

Ancient Wicks Coven Reviews
We have thousands of happy customers from all around the world! Please read what some of our past satisfied clients had to say…

Can’t Believe You Did It!
Tricia and the Ancient Wicks Sisters were able to achieve what I would call the _impossible_!  They took a situation up out of the ground and gave it new life.  My exboyfriend was flat through with me. He wanted nothing to do with me and had embarrassed me and himself in front of all of our family and friends by standing me up at our wedding. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I was not meant to be with him, but instead with his brother.  Due to the complications from our failed marriage attempt, it was nearly impossible to get things to work out properly.  Tricia came into the situation though and smoothed it all out, the family, the friends, my ex, all got behind us…and me and my _now husband_ were able to work things out so we can be happy together after all!  Thank you for all of this Tricia!
Well you sure fixed that problem!

My friend’s boyfriend is a Cheater and he accussed me of cheating with him, ruining my friend and I’s friendship.  I needed to repair that, and also wanted to break them up, as he is no good for her.  This spell did the perfect trick and it accomplished both tasks within the same spell.  I am glad I found this site.  u guys are life savers

Repaired it before it was too late

All hail, I have been in struggle, but with the help of Tricia and the rest of the Ancient wicks sisters, I can claim my marriage is saved!  It had been on the rocks for a long time, unfortunately…but instead of going to court and seeing the divorce through, my hubby pulled through at the last minute…and he told me he loves me and never wants to leave me!  Tricia you were right, it was meant to be and I am glad you see that.  And with how bad things looked, I can’t believe I’m saying all this.  You are the best, my High Priestess.  And I will speak it from rooftops!!

Got rid of the baddies !!

After years of torment my husband and I had enough and decided we needed a professional to get rid of the evil demon haunting our house.  It mostly just haunted the attic, but on occasion would haunt the living room and garage too.  A medium friend of ours said it was an older woman who had passed in the home decades back, and it was an old home and there was a woman who had passed so that all added up.  Tricia from the Ancient Wicks sisters was able to confirm this in a chart as well, where she also found the ability to intervene.  With one swift swoop of her wand (lol just kidding girls, I know it was a lot of work) she eradicated the evil and our home became a happy place.  I have had no issues since, and with the times forward, I anticipate nothing but positive memories.

xoxo I thank you forever, my family thanks you forever, thank you tricia and coven!


SHE IS EVERYTHING I WANTED.  I am so excited to say the spell has worked.  I have never seen such a change! We are talking about a complete 180 degree change indeed.  She puts so much effort into getting everything together and getting ready now. And we have friends again, as before the spell she had told all of my friends we could not hang out anymore. But now, she’s the one dialing them up and sending out invites.  Times are good, really good, and we are really happy all thanks to your spell.  You are the best!

She was able to help me kick my addictions and bad habits

A proper thank you is due to Jasmine and the girls who were able to get rid of the negative habits I had built up throughout the years. I mean it had gotten really bad. I was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, and doing a lot of drugs. I had gotten addicted to alcohol as well, and was up to about a bottle a day, give or take.  This anti addiction spell was a fast one too, did not take much time at all, only a couple weeks, and I was a sober sally once again. I never thought I would see the day. Thank you for everything. I have my entire life and sobriety to thank you for.

Found my soulmate – got a real love life now

I have been in terrible relationships for most of my life. I had ancient wicks coven cast me a soulmate spell to bring my “truest soulmate” to me.  It took a couple of weeks, right after I finished traveling I found who would become my wife.  She is beautiful, bright, witty, and wears silk.  My kind of woman.  I did not know I could get along with someone this well. Thank you to all of the coven sisters and Julia as well. I could not have done it without you.  Especially considering I do not even do anything to where I would talk to someone. If she hadn’t come to me, then I would have never found her unfortunately. Albeit, your spell was excellent. Thank you, very pleased!

Never thought it would work…

My ex had left my kids and I because I cheated. I’m embarrased to have to say that but it is the truth and so it be.  I apologized so much. It was a single mistake and I have otherwise been a loyal person to him forever.  He swore he would never come back and had been gone for over 4 years. I thought my pain would go away and I could move on, but I never could. And he remained in my kids lives, making it even harder. I came to Jasmine and her sisters needing to either get over him permanently or see to it he was permanently with me.  They suggested a love spell because he was still my soulmate, and that I just needed some help to get the relationship unstuck.  I had hired them and can say after a week he had made a serious commitment to trying us again.  And we have been happy ever since. I am sure it is due to the work Jasmine has done and I am forever in her debt.

He is SOOOO Much More Passionate Towards Me!

He has been so much more passionate lately, and he has been remembering the important stuff. He gives me so much attention and so much love.  He has been putting me first finally. This is the kind of relationship I wanted. The chivalry isn’t dead after all! Cheers, ladies!

Won the case!

This was a seriously stressful period in my life. I needed to win this judgment against me, as it would have bankrupted my family.  We have come so far and built so much up for us to just get torn down over this one single suit is crazy.  I am so grateful for you, my sisters, thank you for all your help! The spell, OFFICIALLY as of today, has worked!

My girlfriend and I are doing way better!

She and I have been having struggles for a long time before I had hired you guys to fix it.  My mother hated her, and her mother hated me.  And we have had to bounce between each other’s mother’s houses to even be together.  Going from one to the next, all the while fighting with each other too. The tension and pressure was just so much.  But I can report that it has been 2 weeks since I hired ancient wicks sisters coven and they were right, things are way better….we do not fight anymore, we have found family stability, and we are about to get our own place. She is giving me all of her attention and the passion has never been stronger than it is now! I am a full believer now and can recommend your coven to anyone at this point!

Successful New Business Spell

I was starting a new business and could not find any customers. I had tried a lot of things like bill boards and flyers, and i also put a comment in a newsletter that gets distributed to my local waffle house. I had a lot of different options as well, like the bugle, that goes to the bingo places. And I put flyers on people’s cars. I know these things work I would say to myself, but still, no business. I went door to door in my neighborhood and business park and tried to raise my business from the ground, but still nothing.  I tried a local commercial even though it only aired at night time, it cost a lot of money and it ended up leaving me with only enough to pay for basically this one spell.  Jasmine was very proud to say she would be 100% successful and they worked very hard and were able to help me. My business began to thrive and I was able to meet the next set of bills.  I get business from no where now, and it is more than I could have dreamed of.  I owe it all to them!

Good psychic services

My name is todd and I have something to contribute. I have had so many spells cast and I know there are a lot of people out there that are not going to help. but this coven is not one of those places. I was suspecting my girlfriend tammie was cheating on me.  I wanted to know, so i hired them to get their psychic readings to figure it out. They were able to determine she was in fact cheating and that she was keeping a lot more from me. Sometimes we have to learn these things to move on. I am really glad I hired yall. thank you so much and have a good day.

When you come from the bottom, you have no one.

I mean I literally feel like without Ancient wicks sisters, I would not have had anyone on my team.  They stepped up and treated me and my situation although I was a part of their family.  At least that is the care it felt I received.  I have full faith they can fix even the worst situations, as my love life was in turmoil;  like you could not believe.  My sister was cheating with my husband.  My parents knew it.  They all hid it from me. My friend found out, and she hid it from me too.  Then my husband came clean. he confessed everything. He promised to be solid and loyal. We moved to another state, and we started over. The spell I asked them for was to bring my soulmate to me.  This man they told me, probably was not my husband.   And then the unthinkable happened: moving to the new state, meant I met a new man, that new man was my actual soulmate.  My cheating husband went back home and cheated again with my sister, who I no longer talk to.  I am now happily married to my new husband, this man I had met as a part of the spell.  I am so happy and could never be happier. Thank you ancient wicks.

Success with lottery spell

I have hit 2 scratcher victories this month since you cast my lottery spell.  this paid off.  thank you!

We are living happily ever after finally

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I cannot say that enough. I have emailed a ton, I tried to send a gift card but they do not take rewards!! They are truly TRULY SWEET WOMEN!  I cannot testify to all of their services, but in terms of love…if you need help with your love life, they can help you!!!  My family is together, my man is back, and everyone is jealous.  Good work girls!!!!

A confusing love triangle, resolved within 3 days!

Well, where to start…my husband of 12 years decided to get involved with my best friend, who swore he came onto her. I then found some evidence that suggested the opposite, and they both came clean that she was the one who began everything.  I know in my very deep heart that my husband and I are meant to be. We have 4 children together, 2 of which are adults.  We have so much in common, we have shared everything.  This woman had ruined our lives! He wanted to fix it with me but she just kept coming around.  He said it felt as though she had cast a spell on him.  Tricia and Ancient Wicks Witches Coven did a triple cast break up spell to remove my friend from the situation and a love and commitment spell to ensure his heart was bound to mine.  The end results? he was fully dedicated within 3 days and had even brought a ring with him. He explained he made a terrible mistake and that he found some actual shrine or something which indicated to him she had cast a spell on him.  He shook his mind free, and bought me a ring, re-proposed, and asked if we could have a recommitment ceremony in front of everyone! I have happily agreed!!! I am going to publicly thank Ancient Wicks here, you saved my family. Thank you, on behalf of my happy marriage and my children having their parents together and their father back! I could not have done it without you guys!



The clock was ticking…..

she was going to remarry and already had gotten proposed to. This dude I know was not right for her, but ever did I know that I also was right for her.  I feel I could not have made it without the women here, ancient wicks you have my heart and soul in your hands and you have promised results which you gave me.  i want the world to know that this is the place to go if you need help. these women will care a lot about you and they will get you results very fast.  they can fix your life and your marriage. they can fix your romance. a+ spell service

Easy to hire and great results

The results were very great, and have impressed my entire family.  we needed some really fast returns, I came in a time when I knew this would be my last gamble, and I put it all on this, and they pulled through. these are the ladies to trust, I can tell you that, and I will always trust them with my spellwork and spiritual servicing.

Fastest results I have ever had!!

There are some really powerful covens out there.  But none that I have had which got me results this fast. I had money spells, I had weight loss, and career, and a love spell too. Ancient wicks coven is the best there is. they have spells that have manifested for me in a matter of days. I would never choose anyone else after knowing what i know now.  I am sure I will always use them and I give them two thumbs up!

Amazing Coven and very caring too!

They have been my backbone for months. I used them for one spell months ago and they still care and we email to this very day.  The spell worked forever ago but we still remain friends. i love these girls. Thank you so much, I owe you my entire happiness, girls!

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