Month: June 2021

Is Negative Energy Ruining Your Life?

How to Tell If Negative Energy or “Bad Karma” Is Destroying Your Life Background Information About Negative Karma and Energy Negative energy can come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes, it comes in an innocuous fashion, like a bad dream.  Other times, negativity can manifest in one’s life with more obvious prominence, such as the […]

Love Spells and Free Will

Do Love Spells Alter or Affect Free Will? What is Free Will? Free will, in the spiritual sense, is one’s ability to control their own destiny, make their own decisions, and choose what to do with their life.  This can be as simple as choosing what to eat for breakfast.  It can also mean more […]

Is It Possible to Contact the Dead?

Can You Contact the Other Side? The deceased are almost always accessible in some fashion. The type of seance or reading may have an effect on the type of response a deceased spirit can provide; and some spirits will respond better to different types of seances and energies. But the short answer is: yes, it […]

Hello From Ancient Wicks Witches Coven

Merry Meet, Friends! Our blog will be the most direct way to gain better understanding over our craft, celebrations, and belief systems. We will reveal as much as we are allowed to and give you insight as to how we practice. Our spells may be well-learned, family-taught, and contain a lot of coveted techniques, but […]

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