Is Negative Energy Ruining Your Life?

How to Tell If Negative Energy or “Bad Karma” Is Destroying Your Life

Background Information About Negative Karma and Energy

Negative energy can come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes, it comes in an innocuous fashion, like a bad dream.  Other times, negativity can manifest in one’s life with more obvious prominence, such as the loss of a job or relationship.  Bad karma can create a lot of difficulties in one’s life and it can really bring us down.  Where it has come from can matter, but usually it is the way it impacts our day-to-day living which we notice. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and skill, there are ways to eliminate negative energy and adjust bad karma, tilting the odds back in your fa vor.

Having a clearer idea of what bad karma and negative energy do to our lives and how they can affect the big picture can help. Breaking down the many different types of negative energy and bad karma is the best way to understand them and determine the type of negative energy present in one’s life. 

Different Types of Negative Energy

These are the most common types of negative energy or bad karma which can be present in the aura, home, or within one’s life.

Bad Luck

Probably the most common type of negative energy within an aura is bad luck.  Bad luck can manifest in many ways, from getting caught at every single red light to losing important mail.  Sometimes, it will manifest in a string, making it difficult to catch one’s breath.  Bad luck can attach itself to the soul, where it will collect like spiritual plaque until it is treated. It can create a lot of inconveniences.  Bad luck can fester and even become contagious.

Bad Karma

Bad karma is typically considered the big cousin of bad luck in the sense that it is generally the outcome of an enormous pool of bad luck which has been untreated.  Much like tooth decay (bad luck) would become a cavity (bad karma).  Bad karma is a worse issue, as it more deeply affects day-to-day life and more ultimate life outcomes.  Unfortunately, also just like bad luck, bad karma will only get worse over time if left untreated.

Home-Based Hauntings or Residual Bad Energy

An environment holds the capacity to be infected with negative energy or hauntings.  This is how haunted houses are created: they are afflicted with a spiritual entity or a highly charged residual energy from the past which can be felt in the present.  This is quite common within homes which have harbored murders or other aggressive, emotionally combustible events.  These places often become larger portals, of which can allow even more spiritual evil and negativity to cross into the physical realm.

Curses, Hexes, or Spell Energy

Curses, hexes, or spell energy are less common forms of negative energy, however, they most certainly exist. Sometimes, it is a natural curse, meaning the curse was adapted after interacting with a haunted, evil, or otherwise spiritually unsavory object.  Curses can be adapted from visiting haunted places, or from other environmental variables.  Hexes and curses can also be the result of another’s evil doing (e.g. if you had an evil spell cast upon you).  It can also result from casting a spell yourself, without taking the right precautions (or if the objective of the spell would bring about negative energy or bad karma in itself).

Generational Energy (passed down in the family)

Unfortunately, it is possible to suffer negative energies of all sorts without even having done anything wrong.  One example of this is called “generational energy” – which is passed down within a family line (usually from a parent or grandparent).  It is true that families can be cursed. It is true that suffering can become genetic. It is also true, however, that unwanted generational energy can be eliminated and prevented against with the right skills and practitioners.

Unwanted Spirits [rare]

Although rare, unwanted spirits are sometimes the culprits behind negative energy or bad karma.  They could have come from performing an amateur invocation or spell of some kind.  They could have attached themselves in possession form.  They could have been a part of a home or residual event or haunting a family line.  Regardless, they can become spiritual pests which are difficult to eliminate, and they can destroy lives in the process of their existence.

Demons or Evil Entities [rare]

One of the rarest causes of negative energy in an individual’s life is a demonic or evil presence.  Unwanted spirits (mentioned above) are usually not considered evil; however, demons are as evil as it gets. They can corrode one’s life, one’s family, one’s household, or just about anything from the inside-out.  Sometimes the damage is irreparable. Often, the best course of action when dealing with a demon or evil entity is getting professional, experienced help.

How to Eliminate Negativity, Bad Karma, and Cleanse the Aura

Eliminating negativity can be a struggle, especially if the type of negative energy or karma has not been determined.  Assuming the correct cause has been identified, it can still be quite tricky eliminating the source.  There are other considerations to outline as well, including the damage which has been caused, the duration for which the energy has remained stagnant, and the proximity of the energy to other areas of the aura and soul.  This means ensuring that a cleansing ritual can successfully eliminate a negative energy source so it may also halter its ability to transfer to other spiritual areas of one’s life. In other words: can the negativity be eliminated before it spreads to other parts of life, and if so how? 

For these reasons of uncertainty, it is almost always best to contact a professional for a thorough, aural investigation and an experienced opinion.  Sometimes, a multitude of cleansings are required, whereas other times the cleansings might only need to be slightly modified.  It is still fortunate, however, that many variations of cleansings exist for such a broad spectrum of afflictions.

Methods for Cleansing the Aura and Warding Away Negative Energy

Many variations of cleansings exist for a diverse variety of scenarios. These are the most common (and generally accepted as effective) cleansing routines for negative energy of various sorts. Please note that not all of these cleansing rituals or variations will be effective for all situations.


Meditation is one of the easiest forms of cleansings.  For this reason, it is often less powerful, however, with the right practice and experience it is capable of having dramatic negative energy-reducing impact.  Meditation can mean many things, as people all have different methods for reaching peaceful positions.  Some people simply close their eyes and focus on nothing, while others will consider sleep, taking a bath, or playing a relaxing sport to be meditation.  These types of positivity-invoking behaviors create an energy that naturally combats and eliminates negativity. And sometimes, meditation is indeed enough!

Reiki Healing or Crystals

Reiki healing and crystal work are most certainly two different things, although both can be used together, and both can be used in cleansings.  Reiki can be considered a physical cleansing technique, as well as a spiritual one.  Meaning: some reiki healers are so skilled they claim the ability to remove physical pain (which many who witness this pain relief will agree with as true).  Others believe reiki healing is solely intended for the removal of spiritual grief and suffering.  The use of crystals to cleanse a home, person, or environment is very common across the world and all walks of spiritualism.  Their purported potencies are no stranger to the spiritual world and crystals are extremely commonly used in the elimination of evil. In fact, crystals have a nearly endless use when it comes to cleansing.

Acupuncture and Massage

Acupuncture may be one of the most overlooked techniques for cleansing the mind and body of negativity and unwanted energy to date.  Although the practice has been around for generations, people often forget it is one of the most effective ways to clear the body of toxins and frustration.  Massages are a close second, with the power of a hands-on approach having remarkably similar cleansing effects to those offered through acupuncture.  Ultimately still, it will depend upon the skill and experience of the practitioner for both techniques.

Sage Cleansing (and Home Cleansings)

Many cleansing rituals exist which focus solely on the power to clean a home, property, or environment.  These rituals sometimes involve intense, expanded setups which take entire rooms or barns to cast.  Sometimes they are simple, such as burning a sage wand and moving the wand throughout a new home.  Regardless of the technique, cleansings which focus on properties or homes are usually considered maintenance, and good practice is to ensure they are done at least twice a year.

Candle or Incense Cleansing

Similar to sage cleansing, burning certain candles or incense which hold spiritual properties of cleansing, protection, or good doing, can hold value when it comes to eliminating negativity. They can be specially dressed and crafted for cleansings, or they can be normal candles of certain colours which provide cleansing properties to another ritual.  And some incenses are specifically for cleansing (like sage, palo santo, or juniper).

Professional Cleansing

A professional cleansing is typically considered one of the most thorough solutions to negative energy or bad karma.  It is usually conceived as a custom, personalized cleansing that covers the entirety of the aura, mind, body, and spirit.  Provided there is a skilled, experienced practitioner performing the cleansing, these cleansings can be bolstered to handle nearly any situation.  They are suitable for specific, defined purposes (such as eliminating a curse or hex), or as broad-spectrum cleansings.

Séance [rare]

Seances are communication rituals used to interact with a spirit or entity.  They can be modified to eliminate a negative energy or spirit of many types, although they still require a spiritual connection to the entity. This is a difficult skill to master and should only be attempted by an experienced practitioner with the proper tools and environmental settings.  Usually this type of communication-based cleansing is only used when there are possessions or unwanted hauntings.

Some More Tips for Cleansings and Warding Away Negativity

Remember, cleansings are considered sensitive spiritual work in that it focuses on such core parts of a person’s being.  Professional, experienced practitioners are always encouraged for cleansing routines which involve more dense energies, such as those which come from evil or unwanted spirits, home hauntings, curses or hexes of any kind, or residual karma.  It is at least always in best perspective to obtain a professional opinion if the output of the negative energy has been severe or persistent for a long time.

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