How are Crystals Used in Magick and Healing?

Magick Crystal Spells

What is Crystal Magick (or Crystal Healing)?

A Brief History of Crystals and Their Use in Spiritual Practices

The beauty of the crystal and their many different formations and colors have fascinated people throughout all of history.  Crystals have a strong holding in many older cultures including Ancient China, Egypt, Greece, India, Japan, and Rome. They have a strong presence throughout the Americas as well. Sometimes they were collected for their perceived monetary values, their use in intricate jewelry, or for their metaphysical properties.  Crystals were almost always held with high spiritual regard, and have had their place in many religious ceremonies as well.  They would be found commonplace throughout gravesites and along monuments throughout the globe.

Popularity in Modern Times

Crystals have so many metaphysical uses in magick

Today, crystals are still present throughout much of popular culture, from the diamond engagement ring to gifts symbolic of passion and love.  Some are used to attract wealth and success and others can be used to ward away evil spirits.  Crystals come in all shapes and sizes, and many crystals even come in different colors.  There is a gigantic lexicon of minerals and stones which can be beneficial to one’s spiritual and physical well-being.  There are even practices and arts formed specifically around the use of crystals for their spiritual properties (e.g. Reiki healing, crystal balls, and other divination techniques).  They can be crafted into a talisman or amulet and charged to hold spell energy.  Sometimes they are simply used to bolster a circle’s energy. Their uses are impressive in spiritual practice.

Crystal Healing vs Crystal Magick

Although crystals have always been used for spiritual practices, there is most certainly a difference between crystal healing and crystal magick.  Throughout ancient history, they may have been more heavily associated with one another, but were distinguishably separate by the 21st century.  In terms of their differences, crystal healing typically focuses on intention to remove impurity, negativity, or imbalance within the mind, body, or soul; and crystal magick focuses on achieving a number of other results in one’s life (love, money, weight loss, happiness, a new opportunity, safety, protection, or the elimination of evil spirits).

How Crystals Offer Spiritual and Metaphysical Values

There are many ways to use the natural magick within a crystal or stone.

Crystals possess innate energies of all types. Some of their metaphysical properties will be stronger than others, and some crystals work very well together. Others would make no sense to use together. For example: two crystals which possess strong love energy, such as garnet and jade, would work very well together in a love spell or a love talisman.  The crystals possess diverse energies which can be described as frequencies.  These frequencies resonate and interact with the aura and draw the desired energies from the environment.  They possess a magnetic power, a signature of the Earth, and one which is a natural magick.  Sometimes they are used simply by possessing them and keeping them on one’s person. Other times they are included in intricate spell casting rituals. In the end, their value is still as good as the craftsmanship and experience of the practitioner working the crystals or stones.

Beyond the intrinsic value the practitioner is able to cast within a stone or crystal, it is worth noting the majestic energy present within the rock itself.  Rocks are fusions of chemicals, bonding, and aging processes throughout the Earth’s crust. They are fine offerings of the Earth’s various significant, spiritual appendages.  Some of the crystals and stones exhibit strong energies for money or success, while others will favor more sensitive goals.  Regardless, the ability to highlight these natural offerings and paint them throughout one’s life is invaluable!

Different Types of Crystals and Their Metaphysical Properties

The first step in understanding crystal magick, crystal healing, and what crystals can do for you, is to know which crystals possess which metaphysical properties.  Using stones by their colors has been a long-valued tradition in magick, as the colors themselves hold value.  In terms of using crystals in magick on their representational color only, the following chart can be referenced:

  • Black is typically representative of protection, defense, binding, bonding, repelling curses and hexes, and black magick itself.
  • White is associated with protection, cleansing, purity and purification, clarity and vision, and white magick.
  • Red typically offers energies of love, courage, stamina, passion, and self-esteem.
  • Pink is mostly used for love, affection, passion, sexual desire, and friendship.
  • Yellow is known for its ability to bolster friendship energy or to assist with gaining better control and power in one’s life.
  • Orange can offer control, power, money, and luck energies. It is also known to ease trauma.
  • Green notoriously helps with finances, money, wealth, success, job, career, abundance, relationships, fertility, and more.
  • Blue offers powers of healing and communication, safety and protection (especially on a trip), and more.
  • Indigo provides potencies of intuition, psychic ability, and balancing energy (karma, addictions).
  • Purple is known to provide spiritual protection, intuition, and growth.
  • Brown can be grounding, promote success, and allow contact with spirits and the Earth.

That said, although there are general color guidelines, there are most certainly breakdowns for each crystal itself. Whether an amateur or professional practitioner, it is always a good idea to get acquainted with the various types of crystals and their applications.

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Last Tips When Using Crystals in Spiritual Practice

Remember, not all crystals and stones are created equal. Some have been extensively dressed and offer powerful energies which can attract all sorts of results in the real world.  Others are small talisman additions to spells or gifts with general connectivity to certain desires.  Almost all crystals can be used in some form of spiritual healing or magick, and almost all crystals can be crafted for increased potency and influence.  As with most forms of magickal practice, the tools [crystals in this case] are only as powerful as the practitioner who wields them.

Need Some Guidance?

Ancient Wicks Witches Coven has two certified, crystal magick gurus on hand at all time. These two coven members can assist with remote reiki healing, crystal magick spells, divination, and more. If you are looking for help, we invite you to reach out today and let our coven get to know your case!

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