How to Cast a Talisman or Amulet

making your own talisman

Making Your Own Talisman or Amulet

What is a Talisman?

In short, a talisman is a spiritual object, usually jewelry or a crystal, which is bestowed with the potency of a spell.  Usually, it is crafted to make the spell results stronger or to improve the connection between the practitioner and the target goal or person.  Sometimes it can be an object that has a personal relevance (such as a family heirloom, a favorite ring, or even a lock of hair). Other times it is a new piece of jewelry, stone, or object.  Regardless, a talisman is capable of being crafted out of many things, and some objects will be stronger choices than others.  Often times professional covens will use stone or crystal based jewelry of relevance to the desired goal or manifestation. For example, a love spell would be complemented appropriately with a rose quartz-based talisman.  Whereas, there are other stones which are better suited for psychic intuition, divination, wealth or empowerment, and passion.  In one of our other blog posts, we detailed a number of crystals and stones, and how they might be used for their metaphysical values.

The bottom line though, is that a talisman is cast (or crafted) to encourage more powerful results from a spell.  It can be worn, carried on the person, or stored in a place of significant value (alter, by the bedside, etc.).

Is There a Difference Between a Talisman and an Amulet?

Yes, there are differences between a talisman and an amulet.  A talisman can be crafted of many types of objects, some holding their own spiritual value on the side (such as a stone or a crystal), and others with no natural spiritual value (such as a lock of hair or a favorite trinket of some kind). A talisman does not need to be worn to work. 

Amulets almost always hold spiritual value on their own. Stones, crystals, wood, and metals are excellent examples of amulet materials. Amulets are also typically crafted to be worn. They are almost always thought of as jewelry.  Most of the time, amulets will be more expensive (but higher quality and stronger potency) spiritual objects.

How to Obtain or Make a Talisman or Amulet for a Spell

There are two types of ways to acquire a talisman or amulet.

Talisman and Amulets can look many different ways!

Make a Talisman or Amulet Yourself

Making a talisman is easier than it sounds.  The first step is finding a relevant or adequate object.  This could be a favorite trinket, a stone or rock, a piece of jewelry, or even a piece of cloth.  The next step is to pair the talisman or amulet with a corresponding spell. Remember, the strength of the spell and materials, as well as the materials chosen for the talisman itself, will always bear influence over the ultimate power the talisman carries.  And finally, the talisman needs to be included in the ritual (at minimum), or ideally cast upon with special attention and resources to develop the desired potency.  For an individual amateur caster, this might mean a rather weak spell and/or a rather weak talisman.  For an experienced coven, it could mean an extraordinarily strong spell and a very strong talisman.  The talisman will always be as strong as their crafters and the spellwork (which includes the strength and quality of the selected ingredients as well).

Obtain a Talisman or Amulet from A Coven or Spiritualist

Talisman and amulets can be purchased or otherwise obtained from experienced spiritualists or covens. They are of varying strengths, qualities, physical attributes, sizes, values, and prices.  Some covens offer fully-cast amulets and talisman as a part of spells and rituals they offer as well.  Other covens and practitioners will cast only part of a talisman and instruct you to cast the remainder of the ritual yourself.  There are so many different types of talisman, amulets, and practitioners, that there are nearly endless options.

Ancient Wicks Witches Coven offers pre-cast talisman and amulets for sale of all types and strengths.  We have a collection of amulets and talisman which we have already bestowed specific types of energy, which can be completed on your end with an easy ritual to match your situation.  We also offer the completion ceremony as a service, so we can mail you a fully-charged, custom talisman or amulet for your situation. If you would like a free consultation or to learn more, please feel free to reach out so we can be of further assistance!

Some Parting Words of Advice on the Talisman and Amulet…

Whether you choose to make your own talisman or amulet, or purchase one from a professional, it is still wise that it is fused with a professional-grade spell or ritual. After all, a talisman is only as good as its practitioner’s skill and the quality of the resources.  Often times it makes more sense to purchase one crafted for you by a coven, solely for the fact the coven can do more labor as a team within a shorter period of time than a single witch could do.  This combined potency creates an amplification that cannot be achieved from solo casting.  Regardless, a spell will always be stronger with a talisman or amulet and they are always suggested to encourage a spell reach its maximum spiritual potential.

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