Month: July 2021

Are Ghosts (and Spirits) Real?

Are There Real Ghosts or Spirits and Are They Evil? What Are Ghosts? Ghosts are deceased entities who used to possess a human body and still can interact in some form or fashion with the world of the living.  They are made of energy or spirit. Ghosts are most commonly entities who have not crossed […]

Are Money Spells Real?

Wiccan Wealth and Money Spells That Work What Are Money Spells? Money spells are spiritual rituals or exercises which draw a money-attracting energy to a person, aura, business, or institution of some kind.  Nearly as far back as mankind has conceived money, there has been focus on the energy needed to obtain it.  Money spells […]

How to Properly Cleanse a Home or Property

Cleansing Your Home or Property What is a Home Cleansing? Homes come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and spiritual alignments. Some homes are calm, soothing, and peaceful places. Other homes or properties can be possessed, negative, energy-sucking, or just down-right evil.  Whether the home is possessed, or a new family is moving in, a home […]

How to Cast a Talisman or Amulet

Making Your Own Talisman or Amulet What is a Talisman? In short, a talisman is a spiritual object, usually jewelry or a crystal, which is bestowed with the potency of a spell.  Usually, it is crafted to make the spell results stronger or to improve the connection between the practitioner and the target goal or […]

List of Crystals and Their Use in Magick

Comprehensive Crystal List: Physical Appearance, Magickal Properties, and Spiritual Uses Using Crystals in Magick or Spiritual Healing Crystal magick and crystal healing have been around for thousands of years. Some techniques are far stronger than others, and some will provide faster results.  There are crystals of all types of power and ability, although, it could […]

How are Crystals Used in Magick and Healing?

What is Crystal Magick (or Crystal Healing)? A Brief History of Crystals and Their Use in Spiritual Practices The beauty of the crystal and their many different formations and colors have fascinated people throughout all of history.  Crystals have a strong holding in many older cultures including Ancient China, Egypt, Greece, India, Japan, and Rome. […]

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