Are Ghosts (and Spirits) Real?

Are ghosts or spirits real?

Are There Real Ghosts or Spirits and Are They Evil?

What Are Ghosts?

Ghosts are deceased entities who used to possess a human body and still can interact in some form or fashion with the world of the living.  They are made of energy or spirit. Ghosts are most commonly entities who have not crossed over but have unfinished business.  They may choose to take a light alignment and help the living, coexist with the living, support the living, or focus on resolving their own issues and conflict.  They may also choose to take a dark alignment, haunting a person, place or thing.  Ghosts can sometimes be seen with the right set of eyes, however, they are more frequently heard, felt, or summoned.

Are Ghosts Evil?

Ghosts are not inherently evil.  They may adopt evil traits or practices based upon the things which have happened to them in their living life. It can be hard to determine a ghost’s true intention, as some of them are certainly known to play games or cause disruption.  Most ghosts, even those with seemingly positive intentions, still cannot be trusted.

What Is the Afterlife Like?

The afterlife contains many stages of being.  There are beings of singularity, who have crossed over and found complete peace. There are beings of torment, positioned specifically to haunt and be haunted.  There are beings with unfinished business (often called ghosts), who may be friendly or not.  There are beings who protect, such as guardians or angels.  And there are evil spirits.  The afterlife is a blend of spiritual existence, energy, and a variety of moral alignments. Sometimes, especially from the living side, it can be hard to understand what energy or entity is attempting communication or interaction with the living.

Can We Communicate with Ghosts and Spirits?

Communication between the living and the deceased has always been possible.  It is often easier for the deceased to contact the living, which is unfortunate considering most of the living do not believe communication is possible.  It is possible to accidentally contact a dead or a spirit, whether intentionally or not. It is possible for a professional to safely contact the deceased, and spirits as well, with the appropriate communication rituals.  Sometimes the communication reveals long streams of conversation and information, while other times the communication will be simpler and to the point or even just one word or sound.  Communication can come in many forms including audibles (e.g. hearing a voice or sound), tactile (e.g. feeling a touch), smells, thoughts, mental images, visual hallucinations, and more.

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Parting Words of Wisdom Regarding Ghosts and Spirits

Remember that not all ghosts and spirits are going to be of good-natured alignment.  There will be ghosts of good energy, neutral energy, and evil energy.  Spirits are spread across a similar morality spectrum.  It is always wise to consult a professional if you believe there is a haunting of any kind.  It is also wise to get a professional’s advice or an experienced practitioner’s help when attempting to contact the dead or communicate with the other side.  If you are looking for help, Ancient Wicks Witches Coven offers free consultations and would love to hear your goals and offer any guidance we can!

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