Is It Possible to Contact the Dead?

Can You Contact the Other Side?

The deceased are almost always accessible in some fashion. The type of seance or reading may have an effect on the type of response a deceased spirit can provide; and some spirits will respond better to different types of seances and energies. But the short answer is: yes, it is possible to contact the other side. It is possible to ask the deceased questions. It is possible to receive information from a deceased individual. And it is possible to determine if a deceased individual is watching over us. It is only a matter of finding a method for contacting the other side which is right for the deceased spirit!

Methods for Contacting the Deceased

Although there are many methods for contacting the other side, these are some of the most reliable and well-tested techniques.

Crystal Ball, Divination Crystals, or Runes

Many covens or spiritualists will use the crystal ball or other divination crystals as a communication tool for talking to the other side. Spirits are able to more freely express themselves through these types of tools, and these kinds of seances and readings almost always reveal more information and detail. Runes are very common for extracting the most information, but they can be complex and require more setup time, ingredients, soaking time, and interpretation effort. Still, they are often worth the effort!

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing refers to a psychic’s ability to “channel” a spirit or deceased individual’s energy through their pen or writing utensil, and onto parchment. The psychic can choose what prompts to ask of the spirit, or they can allow the spirit to freely contribute. Sometimes, it is easier for a spirit to respond when there are prompts (whether focused upon in the mind’s eye or verbally announced). Automatic writing can be very difficult and require years of experience and practice. For example, Ancient Wicks Witches Coven has an automatic writer with over 40 years of experience!

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards is one of the oldest divination tools on Earth. The decks may vary in size, shape, and design, but they always focus on giving the Universe, and spirit world, a chance to communicate with our physical realm. The cards may be a challenge to read sometimes, making the information more ambiguous to say the least, but sometimes it can be a bit less pressure for a spirit to display an answer through a card.


Pendulums may be used for many things, but divination with the other side is one of the most common. They can be of versatile construction, some being made of stones, while others are made of metals. There are weighted pendulums, wooden pendulums, and pendulums which double as necklaces. The versatility of the pendulum means it is one of the easiest to adapt. Unfortunately, it is harder to obtain bulk information with the pendulum, and it takes forever to obtain any information at all [most of the time].

Dreams & Visions

Some spiritualists utilize visions, trances, dreams, or “spirit walking” as a method for contacting the other side. It can be more difficult for these methods to obtain specific information from a targeted deceased individual, but it is possible to attain a lot of information in general, as well as purported visions of the future.

Channeling / Possession

Surely one of the most dangerous and risky methods, but still one of the most effective: channeling remains a very powerful seance and communication method. Sometimes channeling can be called “posession,” as the technique works by allowing a spirit or entity to temporarily possess a caster or psychic in order to relay information through verbal or written task. Although it is strongly discouraged for the insanely higher likelihood of inviting an unwanted spirit or entity into the physical realm, it still remains a very powerful communication tool in terms of talking to the other side.

Tip: Remember, it is always wise to have someone with experience perform seances and communication with the deceased. Contacting the deceased with no experience can have negative consequences!

Some Last Words on Contacting the Other Side

Without a doubt it is possible to communicate with spirits and the deceased. It is always easier to contact a deceased whom is a willing participant. Still, it is possible to communicate with any deceased individual with the right experience and effort. Contacting the dead is still a very sacred ritual, and it comes with its own liabilities. Meaning: if it is not done correctly, by an experienced individual, it can invite negative energy or other spirits into the arena (only the individuals conducting the seance are at risk). This is why seances are often reserved for professionals only. Ancient Wicks Witches Coven has been performing seances for centuries. Our family has incredible success at retrieving and delivering accurate information with the other side.

And remember, it is always easier for a seasoned spiritualist to make a connection with the other side. This experience also pays off in terms of retrieving more details and information about the deceased individual. Ancient Wicks Witches Coven offers free consultations for seances and readings which communicate with the other side. We would love to hear your story and offer our advice, so be sure to reach out today!

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