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Merry Meet, Friends!

Our blog will be the most direct way to gain better understanding over our craft, celebrations, and belief systems. We will reveal as much as we are allowed to and give you insight as to how we practice. Our spells may be well-learned, family-taught, and contain a lot of coveted techniques, but we can still share plenty of interesting things about what it is we do. For example, we can start with a few basic FAQs…

What Is a Coven?

Covens, in the classic spiritual/witchcraft sense, refer to groups of individuals practicing witchcraft, magick, or prayer. These individuals may be considered witches, priests, warlocks, spiritualists, priestesses, or a variety of other titles. Covens can be composed of any number of members, of varying or different skill levels. While we operate with a coven of 4 active members at Ancient Wicks, we support the composition of covens of all types.

What Is Magick / Witchcraft and Is It Evil?

Magick comes in all shapes and sizes. Some folk consider the terms magick and witchcraft interchangeable, and for the most part, they are interchangeable. Some magick, such as the practices here at Ancient Wicks, has rich historical value and claims a prominent rank amongst generational casting traditions. In other words: the type of magick we perform has a long history throughout magickal culture, and has been carefully passed down throughout our family line.

Although there are many types of magick, some of which are evil in roots or nature, the magick our coven performs is considered entirely white in color. Nothing we do is evil, works with spirits, or builds negative karma. We are very careful in our practices and follow strict procedures for operating with moral and ethical standards in mind.

What Are Spells and How Do They Work?

Spells are components of magick or witchcraft. They are practices, routines if you will, strung together to focus some kind of energy into manifesting a desire. There are many types of spells, many types of energies, and many types of desires. For example, a moon-based energy can be used to cast a spell that breaks up two couples so that an ex lover can be returned. Another great example is an astronomical energy (planetary magick) being used to romantically draw two people together.

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