Are Money Spells Real?

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Wiccan Wealth and Money Spells That Work

What Are Money Spells?

Money spells are spiritual rituals or exercises which draw a money-attracting energy to a person, aura, business, or institution of some kind.  Nearly as far back as mankind has conceived money, there has been focus on the energy needed to obtain it.  Money spells and rituals allow practitioners to weave energy that attracts money and wealth, giving an aura an unusually high edge in terms of luck, success, and/or fortune.  The composition of a money spell, in terms of ingredients and ritual exercises/criteria, are vast in diversity, and the skill and experience of the practitioners itself plays a large part in the success and efficiency of a money spell.

Money spells are also sometimes called wealth spells, finance spells, lottery spells, gambling spells, business spells, career spells, job spells, and more.  Although these titles do not always qualify as a “money spell,” the term is used rather carelessly.  Still, real money spell is a spell or ritual which focuses on an end outcome of money. And real money spells focus on realistic outcomes and expectations.

What Are Realistic Outcomes and Expectations for Money Spells?

Money spells can truly focus on any amount of money or wealth; however, some goals are going to be easier to obtain and considered more realistic. Like any other spell, a money spell is only going to be as powerful and effective as the practitioner(s) and their ingredients.  Some rituals are far higher quality, with routines that have ancestral roots dating back hundreds of years. These rituals are usually cast by full covens with generations of experience, using the strongest ingredients.  Obviously, these types of money spells will be far more capable and effective, and far faster. 

While many of the more intricate rituals are almost always cast by professionals, there are also simple money spells.  These types of spells can be performed with nothing more than a single green candle, or a single green strand of yarn.  The simpler money spells (especially performed by amateurs) will always be the least effective and take the longest to manifest, if they ever manifest at all.  Ultimately, the outcome of a money spell is realistic if it is within the confines of reality and the capability of the practitioner or coven.

Different Types of Money Spells

As with all types of magick, there are many different practices, rituals, ingredients, casting styles, and spell criteria.  These are some of the most practiced versions of money spells, and a little about the style or practice in application.

Wiccan Money Spells

Some of the most traditional spells cast for money fall within the scope of the Wiccan or Pagan umbrella of witchcraft. These spells may use the moon cycle, candles, crystals, parchment and chants, fire and circles, wands, robes, staves and more.  Sometimes they are much simpler too, involving a short chant and meditation ritual.  Regardless, there are hundreds of thousands of variants (if not more) of wiccan money spells, some of them far more effective than others.

Wiccan Lottery Spells

Lottery Spells for Winning

Like the traditional existence of wiccan money spells, the wiccan lottery spell has been around for as long as the lottery itself.  Typically, it focuses on blessing a chosen set of numbers or the person playing the lottery themselves. These spells are more difficult to achieve manifestation, as they are competing with many other energies and spells (it is reasonable to say at this point no lottery goes by without at least 10 thousand spells being cast for a victory).  Competition with other practitioners means hiring the best and doing the best work becomes more important.

Voodoo Money Spells

Many people have the false perception that voodoo is evil. Like any magick, voodoo has its good parts and its bad parts, and it is up to the practitioners to practice in an ethical fashion.  Voodoo money spells can sometimes include totems or voodoo dolls, however, there are certainly standalone voodoo spells as well. There are Haitian Voodoo spells, Louisiana Voodoo spells, and traditional African Voodoo spells.

Candle Magick Money Spells

Candle magick has been around for nearly as long as candles. There are candle magick spells and rituals for nearly every religious or spiritual practice. For example, even mainstream Christianity utilizes candles for spiritual purposes.  The types, colors, sizes, blessings, dressings, and ritual interactions of a candle make a difference in the potency, effectiveness, and speed of a spell’s manifestation.  Sometimes, only a single candle is required to conduct many rituals; while other times, many candles are used in a single ritual.

Crystal Magick Money Spells

Crystal magick is a very strong technique, and the spells and talisman sets that come from crystal work can be extremely effective.  There are so many different crystals with so many different metaphysical properties, making it very easy to select appropriate crystals for nearly any situation. There are many money attracting crystals

Salary or Pay Increase Spells

Money Spells can be cast all different ways with many different ingredients.

Some money spells are as simple focused as increasing one’s salary.  If there is a higher paying job or position, it is possible to target this position with a custom crafted salary spell. It is also possible to do spells that bring new jobs, new opportunities, or other improvements to the workplace.

Insurance, Court/Justice, or Legal Settlement Spells

Insurance, court cases, and legal settlements have bred an entirely new genre of money spells.  If the situation depends upon many different moving parts to work (a jury, a judge, a courtroom, prosecutors, witnesses, the government, a department of some kind, lawyers, etc.), it can be easier to custom craft a money spell that includes these facets of the situation as well.  Having a customized spell that focuses on many attributes of a situation almost always makes the spell stronger and more effective.

Picking the Right Money Spell

Obviously, there will be times where the correct money spell for a situation is clear. For example, a legal settlement spell will be the best choice when looking for some spiritual backup in a legal battle involving a large monetary settlement.  Another example of an obvious connection would be casting a spell to receive a pay raise at work, when there is a position available which pays more money.  Other times, selecting the right money spell for the job may require a little extra thought.  Fortunately, there are ways to customize spells for any situation, and experienced practitioners are able to personalize nearly any spell. Oftentimes it is best to seek the advice of a professional in determining the right money spell for your situation. Ancient Wicks Witches Coven offers 100 percent free consultations, and if you reach out today we can help you find the perfect money spell for you!

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