Love Spells and Free Will

Love Spells and Free Will

Do Love Spells Alter or Affect Free Will?

What is Free Will?

Free will, in the spiritual sense, is one’s ability to control their own destiny, make their own decisions, and choose what to do with their life.  This can be as simple as choosing what to eat for breakfast.  It can also mean more serious decisions like which college to attend, what classes to take, or what degree to earn.  Sometimes, it can be extremely complicated, such as who to love or spend the entire rest of your life with.  Free will is the possession over the direction of one’s life.  In fact, it could easily be described as having control over the steering wheel of one’s life trajectory.

What is a Love Spell?

Love spells are spiritual routines which draw together the hearts, souls, minds, or bodies of two individuals.  There are many different types of magickal practices which offer love spells.  There are wiccan love spells, pagan love spells (yes, there is a difference), celtic and druid love spells, and voodoo love spells. There are white magick love spells and black magick love spells.  There are powerful ways to cast love spells using crystals, runes, and other devices.  The love spell has evolved throughout the development of mankind to the point of offering so many derivatives and variations there is nearly always a love spell for any situation.  And if this were not satisfying enough, there are custom love spells, which are often most effective due to the higher levels of personalization.

Ethical Love Spells

There is a lot of controversy in witchcraft and spell casting, as people can become sensitive about the idea of “forcing someone to love you.”  Assumptions can be made fairly quickly when it comes to the love spell.  So the obvious question which remains…

Q: Are love spells ethical?

A: Love spells can be both ethical and unethical, depending upon the situation.  It is wise to approach a professional about the situation if there is any doubt as to the moral alignment of a particular love spell.

Some of the situations which outline ethically-sound love spells include:

  • Attracting a Soulmate
  • Attracting a New Lover
  • Returning an Ex-Soulmate or Lover
  • Removing Third Parties (without splitting up soulmates)
  • Improving Passion or Attracting in a Relationship
  • Improving Sexual Desire or Libido in a Relationship
  • Increasing Commitment, or Encouraging an Engagement / Proposal
  • Divorce Spells for Non-Soulmates

Some of the situations which outline an unethical love spell include:

  • Breaking Up a Couple Who Share a Soulmateship
  • Binding a Non-Soulmate
  • Harmful Love or Lust Spells (intruding on a marriage when the married couple are soulmates)
  • Love Spells which Force Connection (two people must be connected in some favorable, spiritual sense for a love spell to be possible)

In the end, it is always best to have a professional review your case and provide you with expertise on the morality of a potential love spell.  Ancient Wicks Witches Coven offers free consultations and would be happy to help.

Love Spells by Ancient Wicks Witches Coven

Ancient Wicks Witches Coven offers some of the most powerful, customized love spells available.  We only use the strongest of ingredients, which can mean incredibly fresh or incredibly aged components depending upon the casting.  The love spells this coven is responsible for are often full-package, meaning they include all the necessary cleansings and after-castings to ensure full spell satisfaction. Our coven takes great pride in your intake process.  New clients receive a free consultation, which allows us to get to know your case, detail out some charts, and determine exactly what can be done to help you.  We will always be honest with you and provide the best possible advice for your situation. We are also extremely good about keeping clients up to date during their casting.

Other Pieces of Advice

As mentioned above, the decision to do a love spell should always account for ethics and moral values.  The answer is most likely already in the heart, as people are generally able to tell if they share a Soulmateship with someone.  Soulmates are overwhelmingly powerful connections, and it is always ethically-sound to cast a love spell on a soulmate.  Professional spell casters are also able to complete charting processes, astrological analysis, and/or aura maps to determine a soulmateship. Ancient Wicks Witches Coven offers free consultations which include checking the compatibility of two individuals to determine if a love spell would be effective or possible.  Professionals are also able to help advise in other ways, such as suggesting the best times and methodologies for casting a love spell, the right love spell for the situation, and other personalization factors.

Some Last Words on Love Spells and Free Will

Love spells have been around for thousands of years, just like witchcraft and magick.  Some earlier forms of the love spell were most certainly more basic, but the modern-day spell has come a long way! Free will has always been a consideration when it comes to the love spell, but as they say: “where there is will there is way,” and many situations qualify for ethical love spells. Still, it is always best to consult a professional love spell caster, as they will be able to provide excellent guidance.

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